Government considering ban on smoking in public places

Blair has said the Government is considering introducing a ban on smoking in
public places and will come to a decision in the "next few months".

the prime minister stressed it was "a difficult balance" protecting
the public’s health on the one hand and not being overly interfering on the

told the BBC’s Breakfast programme: "You have got to have some balanced
decision making in this, and it’s a difficult balance."

added: "On the one hand it’s something that does damage your health –
you’ve got to be careful you don’t end up with a [nanny state]."

York, Ireland and now Norway have all introduced smoking bans.

Blair said: "There’s no doubt about the damage that smoking does and also
I think for a lot of people who aren’t smokers they would actually prefer to be
in an environment where there’s not smoking taking place."

month a survey suggested that a majority of Britons favoured a ban.

By Mike Berry

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