We need more men at the coalface of the profession

I agree that there are too many women in HR departments (Personnel Today, 8 November). It’s mainly a female profession, with men at the top taking all the senior roles.

I think women are attracted to HR because they feel they offer those soft skills that everyone states are needed. But I question whether they are required. Busy managers do not want to hear about policies and procedures. They want to know the bottom line – ‘how can I get rid of x’, or ‘I want to hire y’; tell me how to do this my way, not how not to do it.

Women don’t help themselves as they are often unable to stand up to the bullying of senior managers, and take the easier option of doing what is required for the desired result.

I would like to see more men in HR at the coalface.

It can be depressing to work in all-female environments, which can often be bitchy and duplicitous. More men would bring an element of balance.

Ms M Aaron
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