Web-based computer skills training open day

On Friday 3rd April, Bite Size will be giving HR and Training Managers the opportunity to access their entire Lesson Library of Microsoft computer applications online. 

There are over 500 lessons across 12 applications giving 18 days worth of instant courses online. 

“Employees can waste a significant amount of ‘work’ time if they are unsure of how to perform a particular IT task” explained Marie from Bite Size “hours can be spent on projects if they don’t know how to mail merge in word, manage their contacts in Outlook or use time saving formulas in Excel “ 

Some simple calculations will show that if an employee earning £15,000 a year wastes one hour a day on a computer task this would equate to £165 a month or just over £2,000 per year spent in lost productivity.   

On a larger scale, a company employing 100 staff on £15,000 a year, the downtime for just one hour would equate to £16,480 per month or a massive £214,240 per year spent in lost productivity.

It’s a staggering fact that 28% of companies in the UK lack employees with the basic IT skills to meet their business objectives.  

IT training can provide great productivity, especially in today’s market, if people have the right skills to use the packages available to them. 

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