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Help at Work carries a technology warning – telling users to look elsewhere
if you want ‘a leading edge technological experience, with loads of video,
sound and flashy stuff’. Such no-nonsense sentiments will do much to endear the
site to Luddites and busy HR professionals alike who’d rather cut straight to
the info than wait for a big graphic to download. Help at Work, launched by
Colin Gauntrey, who has worked in training and development for all of his
career, is founded on the principles of experiential learning and situational
coaching and aims to help individuals progress and develop in their working
lives. It also has a corporate offering, which takes the form of a bespoke site
based on the Help at Work principles that aim to assist a company with the training
and development of their staff. The backbone of the main site is a set of
guides, some of which are free and some accessible to members for an annual fee
of £45, but there are plenty of opportunities to get a taste of the site before
you commit. All information is bite-sized, easy-to-access, and the tone is
lively and highly pro-active. Its three most popular information guides at the
moment are: ‘I don’t enjoy what I’m doing’, ‘I can’t get people to co-operate
with me’, and ‘My boss is a bully’.

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