Win free membership to Skillfair by completing consultant fee survey

Skillfair is offering a year’s free membership to one lucky participant in its annual consultants fee survey.

We all talk about the work life balance and all agree that working less and being paid more is they key to happiness.

Where does that fit with consultants and other freelancers?We need to give our clients good value without detracting from our main goal which is being paid what we are worth, so the best way is to get the client to pay on terms of output rather thatn in terms of actual hours worked.

Each year Skillfair asks its members what they charge in our fee survey. Last year it opened it out to non members and hope that you will be able to participate once again. Another change this year brings in the qquestions of markets – do you work in the public, private or third sector? And location: does geography make a difference to the fees that you charge?

Please take the short survey and as we would like the results to be as representative as is possible do pass it on to anyone you think may be interested.

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