New benefit launched to help SME employees save money

The Jelf Group is launching a new benefit, myshopping:2go, to give employees in small to medium size companies access to the UK’s largest staff discount scheme, powered by Asperity’s Reward Gateway system.

 It means companies with less than 200 staff, traditionally excluded from such schemes, can help employees save considerable sums of money with discounts from over 1700 different retailers. 

With Myshopping:2go, SME employers can provide an inexpensive and practical benefit so staff save on every day shopping like groceries and clothes, as well as bigger purchases like holidays and electrical goods.  It unlocks the prohibitive barriers associated with offering such employee benefits in smaller organisations. 

Jelf Group’s head of flexible benefits, Tobin Coles, says providing good employee benefits has previously been a non-starter for SMEs due to cost and availability of suitable products.  “This really had to change as most industries face skill shortages, regardless of organisational size.  Larger companies, however, generally have the power to attract and retain employees with a full reward package, so it’s time that SMEs were provided with the same opportunities.   Surely, if people are important in mid to large companies, just imagine how critical they are for a business relying on 20 people.

“Suppliers need to provide benefits that truly work for small organisations and their staff – and SMEs then need to use new innovations to offer the very best reward packages so they keep hold of critical employees.”

Myshopping:2go is designed for companies of up to 200 staff, is easy to implement and costs £25 per employee pa. Its sister offering, MyShopping, is available for organisations with 200+ employees and integrates with the total rewards statement in Jelf Group’s MyReward flexible benefits system, so staff can see the savings they make.   Both products are based on Asperity’s Reward Gateway scheme, which is in use by over three quarters of a million UK employees including some of the UK’s most respected blue-chip companies and public sector organisations.  


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