Winning entry spurs on running team

There are just five days until the Personnel Today teams compete in the Osborne Clarke Challenge, part of the Asics Reading Half Marathon. And the fundraising is closing in on Guru’s £1,000 target. At the time of writing the team total stood at £925.

Many thanks to the latest corporate sponsors – HR transformation specialist Orion Partners, out-of-hours emergency veterinary service Vets Now and international law firm Osborne Clarke.

There is still time to donate at All proceeds to The Children’s Trust.

To inspire the teams, Guru asked his loyal followers to suggest music to jog to and was, frankly, overwhelmed by the massive response. The final countdown is a mixture of different musical styles (including rock, pop, reggae, and country), but there’s a running theme – er, running.

It was a tough choice deciding on the winner, and special mentions go to: confused disciple Jackie Jackson for suggesting Sailing by Rod Stewart Richard East for suggesting that the teams sabotage the rivals’ i-Pods and fill them full of water-based songs (such as anything by Wet, Wet, Wet) and to the hordes of screaming HR babes who demanded the inclusion of ‘anything’ by Take That.

However, Guru has principles, and to quote Highlander: “There can be only one [winner].” So the winner is… disciple Pam Cooper for tapping into Guru’s natural affinity with the big-eared ivory machines of the animal kingdom by suggesting Colonel Hathi’s March (the Elephant Song from the Jungle Book). This bonus track, along with the top 10, will be downloaded on to Pam’s gleaming new iPod Shuffle as soon as Guru has found a 13-year-old to do it.

To sample other selections and find out why the Personnel Today team bears an uncanny resemblance to Take That, visit Guru’s new Blog.

Guru’s Top 10 tracksuit tracks:

1 Keep on running (Spencer Davis Group)

2 Eye of the tiger (Survivor)

3 Born to run (Bruce Springsteen)

4 Don’t stop me now (Queen)

5 Chariots of Fire theme (Vangelis)

6 Let’s get it started (Black Eyed Peas)

7 Break my stride (Matthew Wilder)

8 Ready to run (Dixie Chicks)

9 Everybody wants to run the world (Tears for Fears)

10 Nowhere to run (Martha Reeves and the Vandellas)

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