Women still perceive discrimination over pay

60 per cent of women have experienced pay discrimination in the workplace.

to research conducted on behalf of online recruitment company TopJobs, 56 per
cent of women have experienced pay discrimination compared to 27 per cent of

survey, designed to investigate whether men really do fare better than women in
the salary stakes, shows overall 74 per cent of the 366 respondents feel women
are generally paid less than men.

the women who answered, 84 per cent thought women were paid worse, compared to
64 per cent of men.

85 per cent of respondents feel the gender pay gap is closing – although this
was the view held a high percentage of the male vote, with over half of all
women responses in disagreement.

the Government insists it is tackling the problem, 79 per cent of respondents
do not know what the government measures are to achieve this. 

Arturi, marketing manager of TopJobs said: "Identifying opinions concerning
gender pay issues has been extremely insightful at a time when equality in the
workplace is generally perceived to be moving in the right direction.

asked if there was a greater gender pay gap in certain industries, 85 per cent
of respondents felt there was, but HR was not thought to be one of the sectors

figures go to show that there is still much to be done if salary breaches are
to be levelled out."


By Quentin Reade

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