Women value training opportunities over salary

Women are more focused on developing long-term workplace skills than men – even being prepared to change jobs in order to get better training opportunities, new research reveals.

A survey by career advice firm Hobsons revealed that 21% of women cited lack of training in their first job as a major reason for moving on, as opposed to only 3% of men.

Men surveyed were salary-focused and saw moving on to a more highly paid job as the most effective form of career progression.

Though having a longer-term outlook may have benefits for the young professional woman, it may also be a factor in the discrepancy between earning power of men and women at this stage in their careers.

In their current career jobs, the women surveyed were earning on average nearly £4,000 less per year than men.

By taking jobs with higher salaries men, it seems, are under increased pressure. One fifth of men chose to move on from their first job stating it was ‘too stressful’, whereas only 5% of women said this was a major factor in their decision to change jobs.

The Hobsons Young Professionals Survey is designed to chart the career development of men and women who graduated, on average, 18 months ago. More than 800 young professionals took part.

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