womenintechnology.co.uk launches its new blog

womenintechnology.co.uk, a leading career and networking organisation for female technologists, has just launched its brand new blog integrated into its main website. As well as being able to search and apply for jobs online, access career advice and sign up for training courses and networking events, users of the website will now be able to engage more actively with the womenintechnology team and will even have the opportunity to feature as guest bloggers themselves.

Respondents to womenintechnology.co.uk’s recent survey said that over the next five years they envisage that women in IT will be more important and influential than ever before. As one lady said: “[women in IT] will continue to lead and be innovative but will not always get credit for it” – for this reason, the blog is aiming to become a leading voice for the women in IT community.

Following the success of its wordpress.com blog, which has attracted thousands of visitors over the past year and led to a variety of guest blogging opportunities for Managing Director Maggie Berry, womenintechnology has moved its blog into its own website to give it more visibility. The new blog will continue to promote and discuss issues surrounding women working IT and business and will also feature posts from a variety of women in IT guest bloggers.

“We always have lots of news and thoughts that we like to talk to our network about and our blog has been a fantastic way to do that” explains Maggie Berry. “We’re very excited about finally hosting it on our main website and are hoping that we will be able to engage with an even bigger audience of female technologists and the wider IT community.”

To visit the new blog just go to www.womenintechnology.co.uk/blog

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