Women’s skills vital in the recession

With research showing that women are better placed to survive the recession, womenintechnology is urging employers to look at female talent as a way of succeeding through the downturn.

According to Delta Economics, women are less concerned about the impact of the recession as they are financially more cautious and more focussed on employee welfare and customer service.

In a recent survey by the career portal and networking site, many of the female technologists questioned commented that their strong people skills set them apart from their male counterparts.

One said “as the only female IT consultant in our group I stand out from the boys. I bring a different set of skills – social ones mainly – and bring a different dynamic when working with clients, which increasingly seems to involve more women!”

“Women bring a different set of skills to the table; skills that are vital in challenging times such as these” says Maggie Berry, Director of womenintechnology.

“Yes it’s a generalisation, but women tend to have stronger communication skills, as well as the technical ability. And in a time where building and maintaining relationships is key, it’s essential to have female talent in your technology team.”

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