Workers see Simon Cowell as the perfect boss

Simon Cowell is the person most UK workers would like as their boss, according to a poll.

First aid provider Trust Medical has released the findings of research about which personality employees could vote for if they could choose their ideal boss.

Unexpectedly, Simon Cowell, The X Factor judge renowned for his scathing attacks on aspirant pop stars, topped the poll.
One in seven people said they would like Simon Cowell to be their boss, despite his caustic wit and blunt management style.

Former Glasgow Rangers player and chef Gordon Ramsey came a close second, followed by comedian Peter Kaye, fictional boss David Brent and I’m a celebrity… winner Joe Pasquale.

Abe Elkinson, director of Trust Medical said: “To say we were surprised by the public’s choice is an understatement.

“Simon Cowell is not known for his sweet and gentle personality – in fact he has made a career out of being sarcastic, rude and ridiculing people.

“It would appear the nation prefers a more aggressive management style than a softly, softly approach.

“Having said that, on a serious note, a stressful working environment puts a lot of pressure on the heart and is actually worse for you than putting on 40lbs in weight or ageing 30 years.”

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