Workplace bans encourage smokers to quit

Workplace smoking bans not only help non-smokers, but also make smokers more likely to quit, new research shows.

According to recent research at the University of Toronto’s Department of Public Health Sciences, smoking bans cut down on the total amount of cigarettes smokers have during the day.

About 24 per cent of Canadian employees are smokers who light up on average 17 times per day. Researchers found that workplaces with no restrictions have 40 per cent of workers as daily smokers, consuming an average 20 cigarettes a day.

Smoke-free workplaces have 18 per cent of workers who smoke, and their average consumption drops to 15.4 cigarettes a day.

Overall, the research shows that these smokers do not compensate by smoking more at breaks, but rather, reduce their consumption and are more likely to quit.


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