Workplace gender divide as great as ever

than 80 per cent of women believe that men are uncomfortable working with
influential women, according to a new survey.

study, by Eve-olution, a training and development firm for female leaders, and
Vielife, a health management firm, shows that organisations are overlooking the
differences between men and women in the workforce.

As a
result, it claims, companies are not only making it difficult for women to
progress in the workplace, but also reducing their motivation and happiness.

60 per cent of the 234 respondents say they feel women are not recognised or
promoted on an equal basis to their male colleagues.

Pinder, managing director of vielife said: "Organisations need to
recognise that the sexes have some elemental differences. Rather than force
these differences into the traditional working relationship, we need to
celebrate them and recognise that women have different values, skills and
drivers to men.

need to re-evaluate how men and women work together and encourage support
programmes which lever women’s core skills and values. Training and support
programmes are two areas that businesses can use to improve relations before
productivity is affected."

how to help improve the situation, 78 per cent of respondents believed that
there is not enough money invested in training men on how to work more
effectively with their female colleagues.

Quentin Reade

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