Young adults win age discrimination claims over unfair criticism


Two young sisters suffered age discrimination after their employer subjected them to aggressive and unfair criticism, an employment tribunal has held. Stephen Simpson rounds up tribunal decisions from the previous week.

Young workers singled out for “aggressive” criticism win age claims
In Osborne and another v Gondhia and others t/a Rutaba Partnership, the employment tribunal upheld the age discrimination claims of two young sisters who resigned from their jobs in a service station after what they felt was aggressive and unfair criticism.

The sisters, who were aged 18 and 21 when they resigned, alleged that they were “berated aggressively” over incorrect labelling and out-of-date food being used, even though the problems were caused by another employee’s mistake.

One sister also claimed that the owner lost his temper over a single sheet of paper coming loose in a ring binder.

The employment tribunal upheld the sisters’ age discrimination claims.

The tribunal found that they were “not treated with the respect they deserved as employees” and the employer would not have treated an older employee in the same way.

The employment tribunal also upheld the sisters’ sex discrimination claims. Comments made to them by the owner included that cleaning is a “woman’s work”.

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