Young employees fall short on interpersonal skills

next generation of employees are computer literate but lack good interpersonal
skills a KPMG survey has revealed.

Future Generation Internet Survey, published by business advisors KPMG, reveals
that 17 and 18 year olds think that computers are more important than
telephones when starting their careers.

McAllen, director of KPMG’s business centre of excellence claims that recent
technological communication advances mean that while young people are computer
literate they lack face-to-face skills.

rise of the e-mail and the popularity of text messaging between mobile phones
by young people means that while they are more computer friendly than past
generations their interpersonal skills are not fully developed," said
Derek McAllen, director of KPMG’s e-Business Centre of Excellence.

continued, "The challenge for HR professions is twofold – an Internet
strategy to attract the best and a corporate strategy to retain the best. To do
this they will have to invest significantly in communication training

Paul Nelson

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