25% of UK workers complacent about their jobs

Despite widespread redundancy, a quarter of UK workers still don’t feel they need to make any extra effort to hang on to their jobs. More than half of employees plan to find ways to show their value, although a small portion believe that working longer hours or looking smarter will help them to keep their jobs.
Monster Meter recently asked 1281 workers throughout the UK, “What will you do differently to make yourself more redundant proof?” The main findings are as follows:

  • 57%  I will look for opportunities to shine to show how I add value

  • 25%  I won’t be taking any extra actions

  • 9%    I will get in early and stay later

  • 7%    Try and make extra effort, for example always looking smart

In such a difficult economic climate, the 25% of employees who will not be making any extra effort to keep their jobs should not rest on their laurels. With so much redundancy, employees should be aware of the steps they can take to help keep their jobs. However, above all they must remember that quality of work is the only determining factor for the majority of employers. Looking extra smart and staying until midnight won’t make any difference if your standards are low.
Monster recommends the following tips for employees looking to prove their worth:

  • Only stay late when you need to finish important work, not merely to be seen to be making effort. Working unnecessarily long hours can be detrimental to your output, and bosses may start to question your ability to handle your workload

  • Offering to help colleagues with high workloads can help you to be seen as a great team player. However only volunteer for extra work if you have enough time to do it

  • Play to your strengths: offer to help with projects that will utilise your strongest skills

  • Smile! Be enthusiastic about the job you are doing to establish yourself as a positive member of the team


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