A minute with the RADs judges – Manda Crowder, founder, andsome

As the entry process for the 2013 RAD Awards gets into full swing, we continue our quick interviews with some of the judging panel. Here, we speak to Manda Crowder, co-founder of andsome and winner of an armful of RADs.

1. What are the judges looking for in a winning entry?

For me personally, it’s about communication that’s engaging, on brand and gets candidates involved in the culture of the business in an innovative and intelligent way. And, of course, achieves great results.

Manda Crowder

Manda Crowder, co-founder of andsome.

2. Having judged the awards a few years ago, what changes have you seen in the categories since then?

Where do I start? I last judged in 2000 (more than a few years ago!), so the changes have been pretty radical. Press advertising has shrunk the most, which for many is a real shame. But what’s really exciting is the growth of digital, mobile and social media. They are key to moving the recruitment industry forward. Also the increased emphasis on results is really important. Recruitment marketing should never been seen as just a beauty parade – it has a job to do.

3. You had a really good year at last year’s RADs. What do you put that success down to?

Simply great clients and my fabulous “andsome” bunch! The clients we win awards with all work extremely closely with us, allowing us the freedom and the flexibility to come up with innovative solutions that are right for their brands and campaigns.

It’s an exciting time to run an agency at the moment as there are so many emerging opportunities for attracting people to your clients’ business. And it’s really satisfying when our clients start looking beyond the traditional routes for recruiting and allowing us to take their attraction materials down new avenues.

4. As a previous winner, why do you think it is important to win a RAD Award?

For andsome, its recognition that we have not only produced a great piece of creative for our clients, but also, as results are so key in the judging, that it’s worked for them. We work so closely with them that being acknowledged together at the awards makes all the hard work and effort worthwhile. It also raises both the agency’s and the client’s profile within the industry – which can’t be a bad thing!

5. The print categories have merged into one this year. Do you see print as still an integral part of the recruitment process?

It’s perhaps not as integral as it used to be, but in some sectors it is still a great awareness driver for a brand and there are still opportunities to use it in an innovative and effective way. Now the categories have merged, I’m looking forward to seeing how a variety of sectors and industries have been using print this past year. Here’s hoping we see lots of brilliant entries in this category.

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