A minute with the RADS supporters – Mark MacAlesher, head of trading, Metro (London)

We continue our catch-ups with some of the RADs supporters with Mark MacAlesher, head of trading at Metro (London), one of the sponsors of the 2013 awards.

1. Why do Metro (London) and the Evening Standard support the RADs?

Our association with the RADS goes back many years and provides us with an opportunity to reinforce the recruitment offering of our brands and the platforms across which we now operate. It is very rare that you get the chance to engage with all elements of the recruitment advertising community including creative, planners, buyers and HR professionals in one night.

Also, the fact that the process kicks-off in August provides both scale and longevity.

2. What do you and your guests get from attending on the night?

Usually the mother of all hangovers and a great opportunity to catch up with many industry friends!

3. A lot has happened in recruitment and the labour market since the 2012 RADs. How do you think this will affect the entries we’ll be seeing for the 2013 awards?

I am confident that this year’s shortlist will showcase some of the excellent campaigns that we have seen throughout 2012, demonstrating the diversity and creativity within the industry and offering a truly eclectic mix.

4. What do you think will be the next big development in recruitment media?

It’s all about mobile optimisation and connecting with “generation Y”. Anything that successfully combines these two will be a winner.

5. The recruitment market is a challenging place at the moment – is it more important than ever for recruitment campaigns to stand out from the crowd?

In a word, yes, but I think we are already doing this. Over the past 10 years, the recruitment industry has shown many examples of campaigns standing out from the crowd with increased levels of creativity.

This remains a necessity, especially in this tough market, and I am sure this will continue as there is so much talent working within this sector. The key to the success of these campaigns will be how successfully we connect with the target audience and emerging generation.

For more information or to enter the 2013 RAD Awards, visit the RADs website.

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