A new tool from The Psychological Consultancy will enable to organisations to recruit people with a well-adjusted attitude to risk

Risk Type Compass explores a person’s predisposition to risk and their capacity to manage the risks involved in their work. It identifies eight Risk Types that reflect an individuals’ temperament and natural disposition to risk.

Based on the results of the tool, organisations can better understand an individual’s tolerance for risk and their risk management style and ensure – that from an organisational perspective – the business has a clear and well-balanced corporate risk strategy.

“Risk taking has become an emotive issues – particularly in light of the recent global banking crisis as well as other ‘classic’ examples of rogue employees taking dangerous levels of risk. As a consequence, risk has very ambivalent connotations; uncertainty and lack of clarity make it difficult for organisations to grasp these crucial issues,” comments Geoff Trickey, managing director of The Psychological Consultancy.

According to Geoff: “Misperceptions arise because a person’s attitude to risk is near the surface and changes according to the circumstance. However, Risk Type reflects the individuals’ underlying personality and remains consistent; when things go pear-shaped, we all revert to type. Organisations need people that are cautious and people that are adventurous, people that are spontaneous and people who are highly organised and do everything by the book, but it’s disaster to get it the wrong way round.”

Understanding Risk Type makes it possible to articulate the human factor issues associated with risk. It allows organisations to better understand how individuals will react under pressure and how, in a changing and challenging business environment, to deploy them to the best advantage.

To take a free trial of Risk Type Compass go to www.psychological-consultancy.com

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