A testament of work experience

Guru was delighted to receive correspondence from Disciple Sarah about a particularly choice application for a work experience placement.

“We recently received the e-mail below from a student looking for a placement within our company. It certainly raised a few laughs in our office and I thought it would be right up your street,” writes Sarah. It’s so far up our street we invited it in for a cup of tea. So here’s the offending item in all its unedited glory. Brace yourselves.

“i just wabt to now if icould come and do my placment there with u im doing an nvq and need a placement to do it i will bethere for bout 13mounths i will be in 3days a week and on study days for 2 days im doing it with [organisation name withheld] plz can u get back to me asap thanks”

Suffice to say, the author did not receive his work placement, and has probably now returned to wearing hoodies, smoking weak drugs on street corners and making sure he is home by 10pm so his mum doesn’t come and look for him.

Guru can’t get enough ofthis stuff. So he would like to encourage disciples to root through their in-boxes once more and send in any applications that can beatthis one.

Doo ur wurst. As it were.

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