Addiction at Work

Can you afford to ignore addiction at work ?

This new book from Personnel Today and Gower will enable you to understand the problem, develop the right policies and decide what tools to apply to deal with the issue.


Addiction at Work enables you to understand the background and extent of the problem:

  • the cost of drug abuse to your organistion
  • the role your own organizational culture may have in encouraging drug misuse
  • the risks associated with dangerous or stressful jobs

There are also chapters to help you understand the symptoms of drug abuse and the potential risks associated with perfectly legal prescription or over-the-counter medicines. 


Part 1 Understanding the Problem

  • Drugs and alcohol in the workplace
  • Extent and nature of substance abuse
  • Extent of the problem and cost to the employer
  • Drug misuse and the work culture
  • Effects and risks of workplace culture
  • Symptoms of drug abuse in the workplace
  • Effects of prescribed and over-the-counter drugs on workplace performance

Part 2 Establishing a drug policy

  • Drug and alcohol policies – a review
  • Employers’ liability and responsibility
  • Policy design and implementation

Part 3 Tools for managing the problem

  • Addressing psychological problems at work
  • Specialist care
  • Drug screening and detection
  • Screening new employees
  • Ethical, legal and practical aspects of testing
  • Employee assistance programmes
  • Employment law

1)      Shell International: Drug and Alcohol Policy
2)      British Airways: Drug and Alcohol Policy

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