Agency temps: Letter to an agency worker providing details of the organisation’s facilities and where to find information on job vacancies (letter)

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When to use this model agency workers letter

Use this model letter to inform an agency worker of your facilities and where to find details of job vacancies, to be given to him or her on day one of an assignment.

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Policy on the use of agency workers

Letter wording

[Sender’s name]
[Sender’s address]
[Sender’s town]
[Sender’s postcode]









[Recipient’s name]
[Recipient’s address]
[Recipient’s town]
[Recipient’s postcode]

Dear [ ]

I am writing to welcome you to the organisation. I trust that you will find your time with us rewarding and valuable.

Your role with the organisation will be [insert details]. Your assignment will involve [insert brief details of duties]. I anticipate that your assignment with the organisation is likely to last for [number] weeks.

During your assignment, you will have access to staff facilities. These are [delete as appropriate and include any other collective facilities]:

  • [the [canteen/staff cafe];
  • the workplace crèche;
  • transport services [, including the minibus services from [place] to [place] ];
  • all toilet and shower facilities in the relevant area of work;
  • the staff common room;
  • breastfeeding facilities;
  • the prayer room;
  • vending machines; and
  • the staff car parking.]

During your induction, [I/your manager] will explain how you will be able to access these facilities during your assignment.

In addition, I also wish to draw your attention to where you can find details of the organisation’s current permanent vacancies, which may be relevant to your experience and skills and which may be of interest to you. This information is available [via the organisation’s intranet/on staff notice boards].

Yours sincerely

[ ]


This is an example document and should be adapted to suit your circumstances.

Law relating to this document

Leading statutory authority

Agency Workers Regulations 2010 (SI 2010/93)
Temporary Agency Work Directive (2008/104/EC)
Working Time Regulations 1998 (SI 1998/1833)
Agency workers Regulations guidance (PDF format, 330K) (on the BIS website)

The Agency Workers Regulations 2010, in force from 1 October 2011, give effect to the Temporary Agency Work Directive. The broad purpose of the Directive is to give basic working and employment conditions to temporary agency workers that are no less favourable than if they had been recruited directly by the hirer. This includes equal access to employment, collective facilities and vocational training. The Regulations apply to agency workers who are assigned to do temporary work for hirers through temporary work agencies.

Regulation 12 requires hirers to provide agency workers with access to collective facilities that are offered to their comparable workers who are recruited directly. Regulation 13 requires hirers to provide all agency workers, from the start of their assignment, with information about relevant vacancies within the organisation to enable them to have the same opportunity as a comparable worker to find permanent employment with the hirer.




The hirer can be liable in an employment tribunal for its failure to meet its obligations in relation to collective facilities and permanent vacancies. Agency workers need to bring claims within three months of an alleged breach.

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