Agenda for Change pay restructuring falters

NHS HR departments are reportedly struggling to implement the massive overhaul of the service’s pay structure in order to introduce a pay increase this April.

According to the Guardian, nurses’ pay rises may be delayed as NHS employers struggle to switch to the new system.

Public sector union Unison said it had heard that some payroll departments were struggling to assimilate staff on to the new system, under which nursing staff will get a 3.225% pay rise, before the April 1 deadline.

“We are saying the pay rise should be paid on the existing pay system and on Agenda for Change rates from April 1,” said head of nursing Gail Adams.

“To delay could cause difficulties and staff might not want to wait and decide to change employment. They may be disillusioned.”

Josie Irwin, secretary of the NHS Staff Council, told the newspaper that NHS employers were saying their payroll capacity was being tested, but was sceptical about the reason for proposing the delay.

“What is really going on is an opportunity to save some money in this financial year,” she said.

“Nurses expect their pay rise to be paid in April and for some of them, it could mean they have an Easter holiday or not. This will test their patience.”

A Department of Health spokeswoman said the pay rise was part of Agenda for Change. It was for local organisations to implement the agreement as soon as possible, she said.


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