Ai increases workforce following phenomenal growth rates

Ai Data Intelligence, a leading independent data and analysis services business, increases its workforce by over 25% so far this year, following the recent announcement of phenomenal business growth over the last 12 months.

Despite the current financial climate, Ai’s financial results show an impressive increase, in which turnover has more that trebled and profits have more than doubled.

Overall, Ai has made ten high level new hires in 2008, including Charles Ping as Client Services Director. 

The growth has been evenly balanced through the company including hires in Account Management, Production and Risk.

To achieve such strong growth rates, Ai has invested time into creating a strong and vibrant culture, adopting a less hierarchical and more flexible approach.

This has allowed its employees to unleash their creative potential, achieve job fulfilment and maximise their career prospects.

Through initiatives such as a series of challenging and engaging ‘Away Days’ for example their recent Da Vinci treasure hunt in Central London, combined with a workshop run by renowned motivational speaker Humphrey Walters, who famously helped the England Rugby World Cup Team win in 2003, Ai has further strengthened its team, whilst inspiring and injecting a sense of enthusiasm into its working ethos.

By carefully nurturing this culture through various motivational and team building Initiatives, combined with mentoring schemes and bespoke and comprehensive training courses, Ai is not only able to maximise staff retention, but also create a highly productive and fulfilling environment for its employees.

Jon Cano-Lopez, MD at Ai comments:

“Our incredible growth over the last year is as a result of our dedicated and hard working team. Empowering our employees to become brand ambassadors is absolutely key in our business, and we will continue to further strengthen our HR initiatives through a programme of innovative and challenging ideas to keep staff satisfied and enthused in their roles.”

“At Ai, our employees come first, and by investing time and money into creating a strong, vibrant and charismatic culture, we have successfully maximised staff retention and significantly increased productivity.”

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