Airports operator to cut 700 jobs

UK airports operator BAA has announced it is to shed 700 jobs, including some HR staff.

The company claims the move, which will focus on back office and management areas, will “improve customer service and shorten decision chains, leading to more effective management and sustained efficiencies of £45m per annum from 2008-09”.

The move is part of BAA’s ongoing ‘Delivering Excellence’ scheme.

“We want to streamline the business and get our managers closer to the business to deliver better leadership and get the right people in the right jobs,” chief executive Mike Clasper told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

The Transport & General Workers’ Union (T&G) said BAA had announced the 700 job losses without any prior notice.

Brendan Gold, the T&G national secretary for civil air transport, said the union would be taking up this ‘breach of agreement’ with the company.

“It does give us cause for concern that a company like BAA has by-passed normal consultation and told 700 staff they have an uncertain future,” he said.


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