All aboard! Employers streamline recruitment campaigns with bus ticket advertising

Businesses restarting their recruitment drives as the economy slowly starts to pick up are finding success with a fresh new way of communicating with the right kind of candidates, according to ticket advertising firm Ticketmedia.

Rather than waiting for jobseekers to find them, businesses are putting their message directly into the hands of their target workforce by advertising their job opportunities on the reverse side of bus tickets.

“The advantage of this method of communication is that employers can target precisely the kind of people they are looking for,” said Ticketmedia’s Susannah Burbidge.

“If businesses are to recover and resume growth, they need to focus resources on strategies that are most likely to bring the immediate desired results rather than throw the net wide and see what comes in – that’s a luxury that is no longer viable for many companies at present.”

Ticket advertising has enjoyed huge growth over the last ten years as adaptability to a wide range of sectors allows industries to reach precisely targeted markets, particularly the elusive 16 to 24-year-old market.

Independent research studies have proved that passengers welcome this form of advertising. Bored minds are hungry for stimulation and so the first thing they are likely to focus on is the ticket in their hand. Importantly for the advertiser, the rate of recall of the message has been put as high as 70% because consumers regard the ticket as their personal property and therefore retain it.

ROI (return on investment) levels delivered by outdoor advertising equal or surpass those of TV and print, according to recent independent research for the Outdoor Advertising Association.

 “For example,” continued Susannah Burbidge, “we have just run a campaign in the Perth area for insurance giant Aviva to recruit claims advisers. Staff turnover in this sector can often be high and applicants for this kind of role may well not read newspapers – but they are very likely to use buses.

“With all the information given on the eye-catching bright yellow ticket, anyone who is interested in working for Aviva can keep the bus ticket as a reminder to go online later, enter the reference number shown and register their interest.

“Because this kind of campaign can be so precisely targeted it’s possible to get the message in front of the right demographic who live in an area that is convenient for the location of the job. That means the employer will spend less time filtering inappropriate applications and end up with staff that are the most likely to commit to their jobs for the long term.”

“For UK businesses to move forward whilst keeping a tight rein on resources, a strategy that can be so precisely tailored will play a crucial role in helping drive both recovery and growth,” said Burbidge. 



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