Amnis offers healthcare professionals an important adjunct to PRINCE2 training

Healthcare professionals who are concerned that their organisation’s project management performance has not improved despite their staff receiving training on PRINCE2 project management techniques can take advantage of ‘People Based Project Management’ – a programme providing the essential skills required to plan and run successful projects. Developed by the specialist healthcare quality, innovation and productivity improvement enabler, Amnis, the programme is relevant for any project manager – irrespective of whether they have had PRINCE2 training or not.

Amnis’ managing director, Mark Eaton, observed: “It is curious that, with many healthcare organisations investing in PRINCE2 training and qualifications, a significant number of them are asking for further advice on how to run projects.

“For large scale, high intensity projects with a complex structure, such as the redesign of a new hospital, creation of an autonomous provider organisation (APO) in primary care or similar, PRINCE2 provides a valuable structure,” he added.

“However, most projects in healthcare are far less complex and rely far more on interactions between individuals, a simple structure and effective management skills.

“PRINCE2 provides an excellent methodology for project management but, in order for a project to be successfully implemented, you also need people and management skills. Amnis’ three day People Based Project Management programme focuses on these key areas,” he said.

“Amnis trainers can take complex concepts and communicate them in a way that is both understandable and easy to grasp,” commented Bridget Fitzsimon, Quality & Professional Standards Manager, Addiction Service, at Wolverhampton City Primary Care Trust (WCPCT). “Students can take these concepts away with them and apply the practical principles, methods and techniques immediately.

“The training provides straightforward techniques which are necessary to make any project happen. I felt I could leave the training room and have a go at sorting out pretty much anything,” she added.


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