Amnis provides an accelerated introduction to Lean principles and practice

As part of its commitment to ‘transforming performance, leading change’ within the UK’s healthcare sector, the quality, innovation and productivity organisation, Amnis is running two Accelerated Lean Skills Programmes (ASLPs).

These three-day, fast-paced interactive masterclasses designed to give those who have little or no experience of ‘Lean’ the skills to participate in their first Lean events, take place in Oxford on 2nd to 4th February and Cottingham on 13th to15th April.

Delegates also complete a post-programme project to demonstrate how they have turned their knowledge into action. Combining training with practical exercises designed to reinforce learning, each ALSP is delivered by expert Lean practitioners in a supportive and interactive environment.

According to Amnis’s Mark Eaton: “This programme will appeal to both the complete beginner and those with some experience of Lean who are looking to consolidate their knowledge through a formal training programme.”

One former ALSP delegate – Simone Akuffo-Akoto, the Service Improvement Lead at Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust (PCT) – commented: “This is an excellent programme. It does exactly what it says it will – and gives you both the knowledge and the opportunity to apply the principles of Lean in your organisation.”

Coined by Jim Womack’s research team at MIT in the 1990s, ‘Lean’ means doing more with less. The core idea behind ‘Lean’ is to maximise customer value while minimising waste; thus, a Lean organisation understands customer value and focuses its key processes to continually meet those needs.

Amnis’ ALSP programme covers:

  • Understanding Lean principles

  • How to make Lean work in practice

  • Practical Value Stream Mapping

  • Exploring the core Lean toolkit

  • Running different types of Lean events

  • Creating a Lean implementation plan

  • Managing Lean programmes and change

  • Structuring your organisation to go Lean


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