An easy way to career success in just 90 days

In the current economic climate many people are being forced to make changes to their career or find a new job, amongst increased competition for roles.

Many of these job seekers don’t have hundreds of pounds to spend on support to find their ideal job, but still need to be able to stand out from the crowd and be successful.

The ’90 days to career success’ online programme was launched on Monday 2 November to provide a workable solution for those wanting to take their career to the next level.  Providing a structured route to career success, alongside online and telephone coaching support, this programme is for those seeking career advancement or job change.

This is the first career change programme of its kind on the new JigsawBox platform and has been developed by Karen Williams of Self Discovery Coaching. Karen is a career coach from Portsmouth, who has been running her business for three years.  Karen says “the programme has been developed based on my client’s needs for a cost effective and flexible solution to fit around their busy lives, as well as providing the coaching support that job seeker’s need”. 

By signing up for this programme, clients will learn:

  • What is important to them in their career

  • Strategies to increase their levels of job satisfaction

  • How to understand and use their skills and strengths

  • What they need to do to develop a winning CV

  • How to develop networks to support their career change

  • Clarity on how to prepare for a successful job interview

  • How to develop the confidence to get the job they desire.

With a 14 day free trial and special launch offers, job seekers have nothing to lose by joining Self Discovery Coaching on their journey to success. 



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