Applications leave grads red faced

The weird job applications continue to pile in (keep ’em coming). Thanks to disciples Michelle and Sheila for the latest examples, which come from university graduates. Our future is clearly in safe hands…

  • ‘Describe a situation where you have had to adapt to unforeseen circumstances, including the results’:

“The sad story happened on Christmas Eve 2005. A guy I considered to be a friend set my car on fire. When I found out, the first thing that came to mind was to go and set his car on fire as well. I then told myself I have more to lose than him if we both go to jail. I have my education to think of and I am not getting any younger.”

  • ‘Give an example during the past 12 months of an objective you have achieved using persistence and determination, and how you ensured you achieved your goal’:

“I’ve done a lot of work on myself to become a bit less shy and express myself more… and I’ve improved a lot! Of course, I still blush at times, but I don’t care and feel much better this way as I feel that I have given my contribution without repression and people appreciate it and say I have lots of ideas. How have I done it? By repeating to myself: ‘Just do it!’, ‘You’re trembling? Who cares’, ‘You’re completely red in your face? Well girls – blushing is intriguing’.”

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