Apprentice schemes help firms attract customers

Businesses that offer apprenticeships to workers are making themselves more attractive to consumers, according to research carried out by YouGov on behalf of the National Apprenticeship Service.

The survey revealed that more than 80% of people are more likely to use a business if it offers an apprenticeship scheme and that consumers are just as keen to buy from these businesses as they are from a firm that has fair trade agreements with its suppliers (81%), or one that has strong environmental credentials (77%).

A further 94% of people said it is important for companies to take on apprentices during the recession.

Simon Waugh, chief executive of the National Apprenticeship Service, said: “These results prove that there are definite business advantages for companies in England that take on apprentices as part of their workforce.

“In the current economic climate, businesses want to stand out from the crowd and offering apprenticeships is one way of doing this.”

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