Armed Forces buoyed by positive response to employee survey

The UK Armed Forces has the ‘X factor’ according to an internal attitude survey, which found high levels of job satisfaction among Army personnel.

The survey, conducted by the Ministry of Defence as part of its commitment to openness, found that 78% of Army officers and six in 10 soldiers were satisfied with their current working life.

Pride is also imperative within the Armed Forces as 92% of Army officers and eight in 10 soldiers said they were proud of their service. Pride in the Royal Navy, is even higher, with 97% of officers and eight in 10 sailors proud of working for the Royal Navy.

Respondents were dissatisfied with the impact of service life on their families, however, particularly the amount of time they have to spend away from home. However, service personnel do receive up to 13% extra in pay, depending on variable lifestyle and working conditions.

Defence minister Derek Twigg said: “The young men and women that I have spoken to while they serve their country in Iraq and Afghanistan, tell me that their morale is high, and that they are trained and equipped for the job.

“These surveys offer a useful snapshot of attitudes. They help the Armed Forces target issues that concern our people and inform changes in policy and new initiatives. This ensures the services remain a top-quality employer,” Twigg concluded.

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