Half of employees never consider leaving pharmaceuticals and medical sector

More than three in 10 employees in the medical and pharmaceuticals sector have served more than 10 years in the industry, and half claim to have never considered leaving, research has found.

A survey conducted by pharmaceutical job site, eMedCareers.co.uk, questioning 1,000 employees, found the top three reasons for working in healthcare are helping people in need (57%), career development (26%) and location of workplace (18%).

Moreover, four in 10 respondents state the ongoing ability to help others as the reason they have stayed loyal to their employer, a quarter like the career development, and 21% and 13% said pay incentives and benefits packages were the chief reason for their staying respectively.

Interestingly, six in 10 respondents believe the industry needs to improve its image by adopting a more open and honest dialogue with the public.

Eric Potts, director of eMedCareers, said: “Regardless of whether the industry has an image problem as these respondents suggest, a greater openness can only help to attract potential, high-calibre candidates from outside the industry.

“Although bound by rules and regulations, pharma companies can, and should, become more transparent and highlight the attractive opportunities that exist in the sector – including high pay scales, great career development and good company structures,” Potts said.

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