Army recruitment push goes online with ‘action-packed’ wargame

The Army has launched an online wargame to attract youngsters to become soldiers in a new recruitment drive.

Four ‘action-packed missions’ have been created to test observation skills, problem solving, intelligence, memory and navigational abilities.

Would-be war heroes can find themselves escaping from enemy tunnels or finding the parts to make a bomb as part of the game, ‘Start Thinking Soldier’, which the Army believes will help teenagers and young adults determine if a career as a soldier would suit them.

Recent Army research found two-thirds of 17- to 21-year-olds accepted the job they were in with less than one hour’s consideration and 68% had no career path in mind.

Eileen Cunningham, an officer at the Army’s recruiting group national headquarters, said: “Each year the Army needs to recruit 15,000 quality soldiers and to do so we must… look for exciting and innovative ways to engage with our target recruiting base.

“[The game] is a more discreet and personal way for people to test their Army skills and receive invaluable personal insights, whether or not they are considering a career in the Army.”

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