Art of Engagement redefines employee engagement

Organisations will have the chance to experience engagement in a completely new way when the Best Companies’ Art of Engagement experience opens on 20th April.

The Art of Engagement is a purpose built environment staged across 60,000 sq feet of space. It has been designed to help leaders and managers experience and therefore understand how best to engage their employees. 

It will do this by bringing together best practice of the most engaged organisations in the UK in a way intended to stimulate thought, provoke questions and give organisations ideas of how to make real change.

The experience will consist of eight zones. Each zone will be based on one of Best Companies’ eight factors of engagement, such as Fair Deal and My Manager.

Each zone will be experiential and will aim to challenge thinking, inspire action and generate a new level of energy around organisational and personal challenges.

There will also be a strategic zone where organisations will be able to build action plans based on what they have learnt.

“For companies to be successful in this market, they have to have engaged staff. With the Art of Engagement we hope to break new boundaries in helping companies devise and implement engagement techniques which have real impact on their business.

“This is the first time that managers and staff will be able to experience first hand what works – and what doesn’t – when it comes to contemporary engagement techniques. The Art of Engagement is a totally new concept that will truly challenge the way organisations approach engagement in their business,” says Jonathan Austin, CEO of Best Companies.

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