Association of Coaching calls on firms to use festive slowdown to catch up on paperwork

The pre-Christmas lull at workplaces across the UK should be used for catching up on paperwork and admin, according to the Association for Coaching.

Employees should try to avoid staying late at work and wind down 15 minutes before leaving the office during the festive season, the association said.

Katherine Tulpa, chair of the Association for Coaching and managing director of coaching firm Urban Calm, said: “Too often we make personal New Year resolutions about diet or exercise, yet we often pay little attention to making our lives better in the workplace.

“By making effective changes at work, we can have a better quality of life at home and at work.”

Other recommendations include making a note of daily activities, working out ways to save time and prioritising e-mails.

Feeling more in control at work increases self-esteem and reduces anxiety, Tulpa said.

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