Astrology brings a ray of hope to a dull day at work

Your ‘Astrology schmology – get real’ rant (Personnel Today, 25 April) demonstrated the type of humourless, holier-than-thou personality that is typecast as an HR professional. For goodness sake, get a life.

OK, so generalised astrological predictions cannot possibly match everyone born under that star sign, but they are a bit of fun. A ray of hope in a dull day; a conversation piece. If people choose to pore over the papers, or read a surprisingly light-hearted article in Personnel Today, is it really such a big deal? If people actually want to believe in astrology, or anything else for that matter, does it make them any less efficient at their place of work?

The fact that people are interested in things outside HR – and that they don’t take themselves so seriously that they become high-flying clones – is to my mind a good thing.

Whoever wrote the rant should get off his or her high horse and realise that a grounded, but light-hearted interest in everything and everybody can only enhance HR, not denigrate it.

Annette Smith
HR/admin manager,
Peerless Europe

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