AutoAlert will be exhibiting at this year’s CV show

The system allows fleet managers to monitor the use of vehicles whenever and wherever they want – improving customer service, reducing costs and increasing revenue.

There is no expensive central monitoring station to use the system, – it only requires installation of a small tracking device in each vehicle. Installation is quick and easy and no training is necessary – the system is remarkably easy to use.

AutoAlert is also suitable for individual use, for owners of cherished classic cars or motor-homes, and offers three main solutions

Subscription free vehicle tracking for individuals or small fleets
Tailored real time tracking and reporting for fleets of all sizes
Bespoke solutions tailored for more complex requirements

Tracking information is accessible via a mobile phone as well as by any computer with an internet connection.

“Users simply log on to the AutoAlert tracking site and are ready to go. Supervisors and managers can see at a glance where every vehicle is and drivers can access maps when they need directions or can’t find an address,” explains managing director Richard Harris.

“With AutoAlert you are alerted immediately if any vehicle is moved without the keys in the ignition, if the vehicle is tampered with or there’s any attempt to drive the vehicle without authorisation. It can even let you know when a vehicle’s battery is running low.”

Benefits of the AutoAlert System include:

Supervisors and managers can spend more time in the field
Awareness of where every vehicle is 24 hours a day
Cost effective for fleets of any size
Detailed management reports
Easy and convenient to use

The biggest impact that AutoAlert systems provide to supply chain operations is the ability to locate vehicles and know how long they have been on the road, at the click of a button.

For haulage companies this means drivers’ working hours can be monitored to comply with regulations and also potential stopping points are clearly visible.

Other customers who can benefit are courier and delivery companies who can give much more accurate delivery times to customers, ensuring better customer relations.

Rather than concentrating solely on the latest technology, AutoAlert concentrates more on making the best use of the technology at hand.

There are many products on the market today which all claim to offer similar services – the unique point about Autoalert is that it offers several services in one easy to use package.

The technology behind them is complex and the trick is turning this complex data into a program that can be very easily used.

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