Autoglass cracks employee recognition

Autoglass, the UK’s leading vehicle glass repair and replacement company, has appointed Michael C. Fina, the world’s first global employee reward and recognition company, to develop and run a new employee long service programme.

The phrase ‘long service’ often conjures imagery of a retiring employee unwrapping a small box to reveal an outdated gold watch or chiming carriage clock. However, with the idea of a ‘job for life’ becoming more alien to a new generation of workers, companies have realised the importance of retaining staff by recognising loyalty and hard work throughout their whole term of employment with desirable rewards.

With the help of Michael C. Fina, Autoglass® has become the latest organisation to adapt its long service programme to reflect this changing attitude to long service schemes.

Nigel Howard, Reward Manager, at Autoglass® commented: “Autoglass is going from strength to strength and there’s no denying that it is our fantastic team that we have to thank for this. With this in mind, we decided that it was time to freshen up our reward system and really show our appreciation.

“The programme that Michael C. Fina has created enables us to offer staff a personal and exciting reward package and makes more of an event out of recognising loyalty, which is great for morale for the whole team.”

The new Autoglass® long service programme, created by Michael C. Fina, incorporates branded yet personalised collateral as well as a dedicated website that is integrated onto the Autoglass® intranet. Once receiving their reward package, employees can log on to select a gift from a diverse range of products including DVD players, digital cameras and luggage sets.

Shelia Sheldon, director of European operations at Michael C. Fina, commented: ”Autoglass wanted to demonstrate its appreciation for the loyalty and hard work of their staff. With our new programme in place, employees can select a gift and will also receive a personalised thank you to be kept as a sentimental keepsake.

“The key to all of our long service schemes is our ability to create a bespoke package that finds the correct balance of reward and desirability, while still reflecting a company’s core values. Employers can utilise these programmes to reward their staff, create brand advocates and motivate a happy and productive workforce – especially important in today’s tough economic climate.”


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