An Alliance through the Recession

2009 has proved to be a trying year for most local companies, with employers being forced to cut all unnecessary commercial costs to maintain the day to day running of their businesses.

With staffing expenses usually the first to go, training existing staff or taking on an apprentice is fast becoming the most viable option for employers; one which training provider Alliance Learning is taking great advantage of.

Reporting a 6% year on year increase in earnings, the Bolton based training provider has demonstrated a strong resilience to the financially turbulent year most North West businesses have had to endure.  

One strong recurring theme from local companies is an impassioned plea for correctly trained staff. This sentiment is reflected in Alliance Learning’s course figures, which are also up significantly from last year with an overall 6% increase.

The Health & Safety courses are up 5% with the plant courses seeing a 3% rise in numbers.

With trainers and teachers showing they are flexible and adaptable to meeting the needs of employers and individuals in such an unstable economic climate, it’s no wonder providers such as Alliance are surpassing expectations.

Alliance Learning Chief Executive, Steve Whitehead commented:

 “With business owners looking to retain as much capital as possible, Alliance Learning are keen to inform employers that we are sensitive to their concerns. All our commercial and apprenticeship courses are designed for industry by industry specialists; therefore we can directly address all the commercial needs of local businesses.

“Alliance Learning is a strong network of dedicated staff and; learners and we are proud to hold such a strong presence through the economic downturn.”


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