Average spend per customer up 20% as Lene V introduces rapid e-learning tactics

Customers at Norwegian retailer Lene V are spending an average of 20% more since the high-street store introduced new rapid e-learning tactics for sales people and managers throughout the chain’s network of stores 12 months ago.

Driven by Mohive’s award winning rapid e-learning process, the advanced training infrastructure supports the operation’s new customer service development strategy to ensure that all Lene V sales people are kept up to date on the latest marketing campaigns, customer relationship initiatives and new clothing ranges.

Stine Antonie Ødegård, training and recruitment manager at Lene V comments:

“Having grown into an operation that employs some 450 people, our challenge in recent months has been to create an effective knowledge sharing process capable of keeping pace with today’s fast changing retail environment. Introducing rapid e-learning tactics across our business has allowed us to effectively communicate critical information as we embark on an important new phase in the business’ development.”

Over 95% of Lene V staff have already opted to take the new rapid e-learning courses in-store or at home via their own PCs. 

With a store portfolio made up of owned and franchised outlets, completion procedures are refined at branch level to ensure local staff needs are respected.

Lasting an average of 20 minutes each, course modules ensure staff members are updated on latest product ranges or special marketing initiatives faster and have the ability to develop new sales skills designed to improve the customer experience for Lene V shoppers.

Having achieved its business objectives in terms of store numbers and key locations on Norwegian high streets, Lene V now anticipates a period of consolidation says Stine.

“Our current objective is to look inwards and make sure that the people representing our business are fully equipped to deliver a unique customer experience that supports and enhances our brand.  New courses focused on styling, fashion tips and colouring will turn our sales people into fashion advisors to deliver a new level of value to customers looking for guidance on the high street.”

Having developed six course modules for staff over the past 12 months, Stine is currently developing a seventh to support the business’ marketing initiatives for Norway’s National Day this May 17th. 

Further courses will be introduced later in the year as fresh training programmes are introduced to the company’s ongoing learning and development process.

Conservative estimates based on the company’s most recent sales figures suggest that the new rapid e-learning system paid for itself within the first six months of going live.

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