Gold’s Gym deploys PeopleAnswers’ assessment technology

Gold’s Gym, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is the largest co-ed gym chain in the world and the most recognized name in fitness. 

With more than 150 new locations now in its development pipeline, the company is anticipating explosive growth in 2008. 

When the human resources team looked for ways to retool their hiring process to ensure that all gyms hire the best possible match for each position—with the hope of reducing employee turnover—they turned to Dallas-based PeopleAnswers for the solution.

Gold’s Gym executives understood the importance of maintaining a knowledgeable, helpful staff, with trainers who often became an important part of the client’s fitness commitment.

Identifying the best candidates for specific job functions is PeopleAnswers’ focus, and after evaluating the first nine months of employee data, the partnership has proven to be successful beyond expectations.

TJ Carter, Senior Vice-President of Human Resources, summarized the findings this way:  “In just the first nine months of using PeopleAnswers, we have hard evidence of a 27% reduction in turnover from the same time frame last year!”

PeopleAnswers applied cutting-edge technology to the existing hiring process at Gold’s Gym by developing a collection of behavioral traits that contributes most strongly to high employee performance in various gym positions.

These collections of traits – called Performance Profiles – were created by correlating behavioral preferences from current employees at Gold’s Gym with individual employee performance data for various roles in the gym, from Management to Sales to Exercise Instructors.

This data was then analyzed to objectively identify the traits that are both consistent and unique to existing top performers in the gyms.

After compiling data for the first nine months of the Gold’s Gym/PeopleAnswers partnership, employee turnover rates were reduced by the following percentages:

• 27% lower turnover rate compared to the same time period one year earlier

• 43% lower turnover rate compared to the same time period two years earlier

• 34% lower turnover rate between employees who were Assessed using PeopleAnswers and those who were Not Assessed over the same time period

• 22% lower turnover rate between those that were Recommended by PeopleAnswers compared to those who were Not Recommended by PeopleAnswers

Gold’s Gym experienced a remarkable improvement in employee turnover by utilizing the PeopleAnswers system to identify how job candidates matched the customized Performance Profiles for each position. 

By reducing turnover, the PeopleAnswers solution helps to preserve the continuity of the Gold’s Gym client experience and encourages a strong membership base.

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