Average UK manager earns £31,289 a year

The average UK manager received a 4.4% pay rise in 2006, taking their salary to £31,289, research has revealed.

Pay and benefits consultancy Croner Reward looked at job records of more than one million workers for its Management Rewards survey.

It found that managers working in the computer services industry had the highest average pay, at £36,210 per year.

The lowest paying industry for managers is timber and furniture, which only pays an average of £26,000.

Managers in the vehicle and parts sector saw the largest pay rise, at 16.2%.

Managers in central London earn almost 28% more than their counterparts in the South West.

Andrew Walker, business director at Croner Reward, said: “There is so much information made public about pay levels in the UK, some of which can be misleading and most of which is driven by very specific agendas.

“Our survey dispels many of these myths, and I am confident that HR specialists and line managers in organisations of all sizes will find this information to be a reliable and objective view of what is really happening to salaries on the ground.”

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