BA cabin crew enjoyed 5% pay rise in 2009

Strike-hit British Airways was the only airline to award pay rises last year.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, BA cabin crew salaries rose by 5% last year, to an average of £31,400, despite record losses at the airline.

Even before the award, BA salaries were higher than those of their competitors, none of whom awarded pay rises last year.

Virgin Atlantic cabin crew had their pay frozen at £14,400 while BMI crew saw theirs cut by an average of 6.5%, to £17,200.

Cabin crew at charter airlines Monarch and Thomas Cook had their salaries cut by an average of 13%, reports the Times.

BA’s pilots also won a pay rise last year, giving them an average salary of £108,400, higher than any of their competitors, most of whose pilots had their salaries cut.

BA lost £401m last year, and has predicted losses of £600m this year.

Plans to cut cabin crew numbers on long-haul flights prompted industrial action by staff.

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