Background checks under scrutiny at Gate Gourmet

Gate Gourmet’s staff practices hit the headlines again today when a newspaper reported that the airline caterer employs casual workers without conducting proper checks on their backgrounds.

An undercover Times reporter said he gave bogus references to Gate Gourmet’s recruitment agency Blue Arrow. The interviewer contacted bogus referees by telephone and held conversations lasting less than a minute, the newspaper reported.

British Airways (BA) began an investigation last night into the allegations into its catering firm.

BA said: “Gate Gourmet’s security procedures and responsibilities at Heathrow are governed and audited by the Department for Transport.

“We will seek assurances from Gate Gourmet and the Department for Transport that the allegations have been investigated and any appropriate action taken.”

Gate Gourmet said in a statement: “If the allegations are true, we will launch a full investigation involving all necessary authorities. We will investigate the allegations. If they are found to be correct, disciplinary action will be taken.”


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