Bacstel-IP botch highlights low value of top assets

Unfortunately, I have to agree that UK employers are likely to face serious problems for not upgrading to the Bacstel-IP payment system in time (Personnel Today, 17 January). This is mostly down to lacking the required foresight to pre-empt employment issues. Or, in this case, ignoring all the warnings.

All too often we only think of serious business matters as the ones that directly affect profit. This allows us to disregard our people Ð undoubtedly our most important asset. It is ultimately our employees who can make or break an organisation, so upsetting them has to be avoided.

If we invest the time and money required to keep employees happy, then surely we are all onto a winner? Paying our employees correctly and on time is the most basic of employment ethics, so letÕs hope that the Bacstel-IP disaster will be a valuable lesson learned.

Michael Richards

Chief executive


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