Employers must engage temps during economic crisis

I was interested in the article about demand for staff falling at its fastest rate in seven years (‘Sharp fall in demand for permanent staff as recruitment freezes bite’, Personneltoday.com, 6 August).

In line with the current economic crisis and the recent trend toward increasing numbers of temporary workers, employers have been forced to consider how best to motivate temps who – by their very nature – have little or no long-term affinity or loyalty to the business.

It is important to include temporary or contract workers in such schemes because, for it to be totally effective, it needs to motivate 100% of the participants all of the time.

Temporary staff should be treated fairly alongside permanent staff on such a scheme. And, while the value of awards that they can earn should be pro-rata in accordance with the time they have participated in the programme, the same rules must apply to all participants.

Derrick Hardman, managing director, Capital Incentives & Motivation

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