Book review Bullying Bosses: A Survivor’s Guide

Bullying Bosses: A Survivor’s Guide
Author: Robert Mueller
Price: TBC
Pages: 270
ISBN: 0976829304

This book is a guide to bullying within the workplace and how to survive a bullying boss if you are a ‘target’. It uses typical workplace scenarios throughout to illustrate examples of bullying and what actions could be taken by the target to evolve into a ‘workplace warrior’ instead. It is well-written, but there is a large amount of American terminology.

The book is split into two parts. Part 1 looks at the various types of workplace bullying and the many different examples of isolating, official or twisting acts a workplace bully can use to reinforce their power. It also examines the effects workplace bullying has on others, including the organisation as a whole, and emphasises how damaging it is not only to workplace culture, but ultimately an organisation’s reputation.

Part 2 looks at the knowledge, skills and abilities the target can arm themselves with to become a workplace warrior. With the help of action plans and typical scenarios, it gives outcomes to both strive for and avoid.

This would be a useful guide for anyone who has had, or is currently having, an experience with bullying in the workplace and would like to evolve from target into a workplace warrior. It would also be a good reference text for HR professionals who are involved in resolving bullying or who are involved in drawing up an anti-bullying policy.

It gives useful ideas on how to prevent workplace bullying, and tools and action plans for those who become targets. It shows how they can help turn the situation around and get out of their ‘ring of fire’, the symbol of just how isolated targets can become.

Useful? 3 out of 5

Well-written? 3 out of 5

Practical? 3 out of 5

Inspirational? 4 out of 5

Value for money? 4 out of 5

Overall 3 out of 5

Reviewed by Teresa Alvarez, learning and development consultant, Essex County Council

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