Bowled over by novel sales idea

Everyone is getting terribly excited about something called ‘The Ashes’ at the moment. Despite his best attempts to get his head round the intricacies of a game that can last five days and still end in a draw, the excitement has left Guru stumped.

Not so at Pareto Law recruitment, which picked 22 staff to come into work dressed as the English and Australian teams for a one-day test involving a morning and afternoon session.

In the morning, England won the toss and opted to bat. For every sale that England made, the team scored a run. Every sale Australia made counted as a wicket.

In the morning, England were 23 for six and in the afternoon Australia were 11 for seven, which meant that England won. The ‘cricketer’ who scored ‘a duck’ (ie, no runs) had to run into the town centre making quacking noises.

This plan comes hot on the heels of another Pareto challenge, ‘strip cold-calling’, whereby staff have to forfeit an item of clothing when they receive knockbacks. The more reserved among you might be thinking ‘that’s just not cricket!’, but it would be nice to see them try and make it go on for five days…

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